Who we are

Spenderkinder is an organization of more than 200 donor conceived adults from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All of our members were conceived by sperm donations, although we basically welcome people created by other forms of artificial insemination as well. We use the Family Finder-Test of the US-company FTDNA in search of half siblings and donors, but many of our members also use other tests like Ancestry, 23andme and MyHeritageDNA. We focus on the situation in German speaking states, but some of our members also participate in international groups.

Our members have grown up within strongly diverse life circumstances: some of us learned that they are donor conceived when being kids, others only found out at a later point of their lives. Some of us have a social father, others do not. However, we agree that:

  • everybody has a right to know about his genetic origin, and that accordingly anonymous sperm or egg donations should be banned; and that
  • parents should inform their children that they are donor conceived in their early childhoods.

Our aims

Our shared aims are:

  • to provide a German speaking support group for donor conceived adults and to promote contact amongst donor conceived, by email or meetings;
  • to promote the creation of legal rules in Germany, Switzerland and Austria that take into account the interest of donor conceived persons;
  • to inform the public about donor conception and in particular the objectives of people conceived by donor conception;
  • to support DNA testing to identify half siblings and donors.


We are interested in contact to:

  • donor conceived persons, paticularly from Germany, Switzerland and Austria;
  • other organizations of donor conceived persons; particuarly in the European Union, to create a wider forum for legislative change;
  • sperm donors who have donated in Germany;
  • foreign media or scholars who are interested in the points of view of donor conceived persons in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

You can contact us at info(at)spenderkinder.de. We also have a Facebook-Site in German and are happy to be liked!

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  1. DonorChildren

    I like what you’re doing in Germany and the surrounding countries for the donor conceived. Please check out, feel free to join, and share about http://www.DonorChildren.com. We are the first and only donor community social network. We are connecting the community and biological family in new ways and proving very successful. We are free and will remain free.


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